What To Expect After Jones Fracture Surgery Beacon Orthopedics?

How long does a Jones fracture take to heal with surgery?

A Jones Fracture is just like any other broken bone and takes about 6-8 weeks to heal. It may or may not require surgical intervention. As an orthopedic surgical procedure, it is one which is best performed at an orthopedic surgery center, such as our outpatient orthopedic surgery center in Raleigh.

How do you walk after Jones fracture?

After surgery to repair a Jones fracture, a reduction in weight-bearing activities on the foot is required for proper healing. After that, some weight-bearing exercises are allowed in a removable walking boot – to protect the foot and prevent further injury while healing.

How long does swelling last after Jones fracture?

There will be moderate swelling of the foot and ankle for approximately three months with a gradual decrease in swelling typically after the first several days.

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What is the fastest way to heal a Jones fracture?

Rest – The less pressure you put on your foot, the faster it will heal. Ice – Use ice to help with swelling and inflammation alternating between 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off as needed. Compression – Wrap your foot tightly to help limit swelling.

When can I walk after Jones fracture surgery?

In most cases, the patient will have to avoid putting weight on the injured foot for at least six weeks, and in some, a walking boot may be required for several months after that. A surgeon can make personalized recommendations about participation in sports and other physical activities.

Is a Jones fracture serious?

The Jones fracture is the most serious fifth metatarsal fracture. Depending on the severity of the fracture, your doctor may refer you to an orthopedic surgeon.

Can you move your toes with a Jones fracture?

A Jones fracture can be a painful injury and can limit your ability to move around normally. Physical therapy can help ensure that you are able to quickly and safely return to normal activity and function after a Jones fracture.

Can a Jones fracture heal without a cast?

Jones fracture surgery may be needed to align the bone and help with healing. These fractures will sometimes heal on their own, but may take months to heal without surgery. You will need to wear a cast or boot on your foot and use crutches until the bone has healed and can bear weight again.

What is the fastest way to heal a metatarsal fracture?

Treatment of Metatarsal Fractures

  1. Rest. Sometimes rest is the only treatment needed to promote healing of a stress or traumatic fracture of a metatarsal bone.
  2. Avoid the offending activity.
  3. Immobilization, casting or rigid shoe.
  4. Surgery.
  5. Follow-up care.
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What happens if you walk on a broken foot too soon?

Until you see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan, you should not walk on a suspected broken foot, because walking on a broken foot too soon could cause more damage to the foot.

Why is my Jones fracture not healing?

Complications. Since there is limited blood flow to the area, a Jones fracture has a higher chance of not healing than other metatarsal fractures, unless a person has surgical treatment. If a person puts weight on the fracture, displacement can result. This means the ends of the bones do not line up correctly.

How do you tell if I have a Jones fracture?

How do I know if I have a Jones fracture?

  1. Pain, swelling, and pin-point tenderness in the outside of the foot.
  2. Inability to bear weight or difficulty walking on the affected foot.
  3. Visible bruising.

Why a boot and not a cast?

Less skin damage – skin underneath a cast can become raw and painful. The open-air design and lightweight material helps to prevent skin damage when wearing a walking boot. No loud saws used – walking boots can be removed without the use of loud saws. This is helpful for children who may be afraid of the saws.

How do you know a fracture is healing?

When you touch the fractured area, the pain will lessen as the fracture gets more solid. So, one way to tell if the broken bone is healed is for the doctor to examine you – if the bone doesn’t hurt when he touches it, and it’s been about six weeks since you broke it, the bone is most likely healed.

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