FAQ: What Is Reaming In Orthopedics?

What is reaming in surgery?

Rotational cutting tools, known as reamers, are used in a variety of orthopaedic surgeries ranging from intramedullary nailing of long bone fractures to total joint arthroplasty.

What is intramedullary reaming?

The stabilization of long bone fractures through reaming the medullary cavity and insertion of an intramedullary nail, with or without locking bolts, was a standard procedure in fracture treatment for a long time.

What is reamed nailing?

Reamed intramedullary nailing (RIN) is considered the standard method of treatment for femoral fractures. [25] The advantages of RIN include higher biomechanical stability, rapid fracture healing, and lower frequency of secondary procedure.

Is intramedullary nailing percutaneous or open?

Intramedullary nailing has been proven to have biomechanical advantages over the use of a side plate and screw system. Further advantages may be gained with the use of a percutaneous technique, thereby minimizing blood loss, operative time, and overall morbidity.

What does the word reaming mean?

transitive verb. 1a: to widen the opening of (a hole): countersink. b(1): to enlarge, shape, or smooth out (a hole) with a reamer. (2): to enlarge the bore of (something, such as a gun) in this way. c: to remove by reaming.

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What does it mean to ream a hole?

A reamer is a type of rotary cutting tool used in metalworking. Precision reamers are designed to enlarge the size of a previously formed hole by a small amount but with a high degree of accuracy to leave smooth sides. The process of enlarging the hole is called reaming.

What is the purpose of reaming?

The primary purpose of reaming is simply to create smooth walls in an existing hole. Manufacturing companies perform reaming using a milling machine or drill press.

What does intramedullary mean?

Medical Definition of intramedullary: situated or occurring within a medulla an intramedullary tumor of the spinal cord especially: involving use of the marrow space of a bone for support intramedullary pinning of a fracture of the thigh.

What is intramedullary blood?

This area is involved in the formation of red blood cells and white blood cells, and the calcium supply for bird eggshells. The area has been detected in fossil bones despite the fossilization process. Intramedullary is a medical term meaning the inside of a bone.

Is closed reduction a surgery?

Closed reduction is a procedure to set (reduce) a broken bone without surgery. It allows the bone to grow back together. It can be done by an orthopedic surgeon (bone doctor) or a primary care provider who has experience doing this procedure.

What is nailing in Ortho?

Intramedullary nailing is surgery to repair a broken bone and keep it stable. The most common bones fixed by this procedure are the thigh, shin, hip, and upper arm. A permanent nail or rod is placed into the center of the bone. It will help you be able to put weight on the bone.

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What are intramedullary nails made of?

Intramedullary nails, used to repair fractured femurs, are currently made from stainless steel or a titanium alloy.

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