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Central Orthotic & Prosthetic Co., Inc. is committed to providing a wide range of prosthetic services for the optimum benefit of the medical community and the patients we serve. Our efforts are directed at fitting amputee patients with the prosthetic devices that best suit their lifestyles and goals. Individual needs regarding function, durability, comfort and cosmetics are unique. Central O&P fits and fabricates a wide variety of both upper and lower limb devices.

Practitioners participate in ongoing training and continuing education in order to maintain their ability to provide our patients and referrals with the best possible care. To support our practitioners, we keep up with the latest prosthetic technologies such as precision CAD/CAM capabilities.

A full spectrum of potential prosthetic options are offered in order to put each patient first and addressing his or her unique goals and lifestyle requirements. We offer from the most basic devices to the more sophisticated like myoelectric arms. These devices offer the patient full range of motion, including opening and closing the hand without awkward cable-driven units. Central O&P uses the latest ultra light materials in fabrication, which are lighter and more durable than ever.


In consideration of the uniquely age-related needs of children and seniors, Central O&P specialists in these areas draw upon many years of experience and education in refining the appropriate customized prosthesis for each individual.


Our practitioners offer their skills and experience in the area of sports prosthetics. Energy-storing feet, which mimic the capabilities of the natural foot, and hydraulic knee-shin components, are utilized by our staff to create a highly efficient device for the committed athlete. Working together with a physician, therapist, and patient we can fit the committed athlete with a performance-intensive customized prosthesis.


It is our goal to offer our patients the highest quality product and service possible. We recognize and serve the individual emotional and psychological needs of the patient in a changed but productive and fulfilling life. To this end we offer continuing patient care programs such as diabetic foot management and immediate post-operative prostheses.