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Each of our facilities offers a full spectrum of orthotic, prosthetic, pedorthic, and post-mastectomy services. Patients are thoroughly evaluated, after which we can recommend the most suitable rehabilitative device to meet the person's needs if you wish. Pre-fabricated devices are carefully fit. Custom orthoses and prostheses are artfully fabricated in our own laboratory to ensure precise conformity, comfort and maximum function. Central O&P is equipped to service pediatric, senior, and sports orthotic and prosthetic patients.

The following is a partial listing of orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic devices and services Central O&P offers. Please call our office if there is another device you need or wish to prescribe.

Products & Capabilities

• Upper-Limb Prosthetics
• Cosmetic restorations
• Conventional body powered systems
• Myoelectrically controlled systems
• Hybrid systems
• Above elbow and below elbow
• Lower Limb Prosthetics
• Energy storage systems
• Various socket interface suction
• Immediate post operative dressings
• Immediate post operative prostheses

• Ultra cosmetic systems
• Suction sleeve suspension
• Suction suspended systems
• Sports designed prostheses
• CAD/CAM sockets
• All variations of above knee sockets
• Below knee prosthetics
• Endoskeletal
• Exoskeletal
• Ultra lightweight systems
• Above knee prosthetics
• Hydraulic systems



• Ankle supports
• Double bar ankle-foot orthosis (AFO)
• Thermoplastic ankle-foot orthosis (AFO)
• Standard & sports designed knee orthosis
• Patella tendon bearing orthosis (PTB)
• Tibial fracture orthosis
• Femoral fracture orthosis
• Double bar knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO)
• Thermoplastic knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO)
• Reciprocating gait orthosis
• Upper limb orthoses
• Wrist immobilizers & cock-up splints

• Elbow orthosis
• Shoulder abduction orthosis
• Orthosis for hip dyplasia
• Compression garments: stockings, sleeves
• Spinal orthosis
• Scoliosis systems
• Prefabricated or custom corsets
• Chairback/Taylor design rigid metal frame orthosis
• Four-poster and SOMI style cervical orthosis
• Soft and rigid cervical collars
• Thermoplastic body jackets (TLSO)
• Hyperextension orthosis
• Various finger splints
• Radial and ulnar facture orthoses
• Humeral fracture orthosis



• Custom molded shoes
• Depth inlay shoes
• Extra depth inlay shoes
• Orthotic supports for running & walking
• Diabetic and arthritic supports

• Custom-molded foot inlays and supports
• Adult and children's orthopedic shoes
• Off-load shoes
• Custom off-load orthotics
• Shoe modifications and repairs