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In keeping with providing a full range of services Central O&P staffs a certified C.Ped who is trained to offer diabetics and those with foot problems quality service devices. Services include a wide range of custom-molded foot orthotics, diabetic therapeutic shoes, off-the-shelf and custom fabricated and diabetic inlays.

The certified pedorthist (C.ped) evaluates and designs foot orthoses and shoes for patients requiring protective support or correction due to muscle/bone impairment, disease, or deformity. Utilizing training in biomechanics, gait analysis/patho mechanics, kinesiology, pathology, materials science, research methods, and diagnostic-imaging techniques, the pedorthist works to restore mobility and to prevent or limit disability.

The services of certified pedorthist are necessary to limit the effects of challenges from birth problems such as cerebral palsy, hemophilia, osteogenesis imperfecta, spina bifida, and malformation of the long bones. Fractures; brain damage; muscle, tendon, and cartilage tears; and spinal cord injuries are often helped by prescribed orthoses. Pedorthic treatment often benefits those with problems caused by stroke, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

Whether your pedorthic needs are the result of disease, traumatic injury, or congenital problems, your rehabilitation is personally prescribed. Your pedorthist utilizes the prescription from your physician and will consult your physical or occupational therapist. Your pedorthic device will be custom designed and created on site at Central Orthotic & Prosthetic Co., Inc.