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Central Orthotics & Prosthetics Co., Inc. fits each patient with the most appropriate device available from both custom and ready-to-wear orthoses. We offer spinal, upper and lower extremity, and cervical devices, fabricated with ultralight materials. Custom-molded thermoplastics offer increased durability, patient comfort, and cosmetic appeal.

We offer our experience in pediatric, senior, and sport orthoses. Whenever possible, these patients are fit with custom plastic orthoses, or with a combination of metal and plastic because of the strength and durability of these materials. The structural characteristics of these orthotic components make them ideal for children as well as for athletic adults. They allow an unprecedented degree of mobility and function than designs of the past. Their light weight and strength make them ideally adaptable for geriatric patients

As technology advances with new methods and techniques, our staff undergoes continuing training and education to keep abreast of these new developments. We do this in order to provide patients of all ages with the best possible orthotic care.